Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Self Care Adventure

Hello Sweets!

My very dear friend Alexis Marbach has embarked on what she has coined “The Self-Care Adventure Series: 30 days of wholehearted self-love” and has encouraged a group of us near and dear to her heart to join in the fun. When I first got the email, I'll be honest, I let out a sigh. One of those fully expanded diaphragm sighs. I just couldn't see myself fitting in with the group on this one. I don't do yoga (too much breathing), I don't like to run (unless it's for my life), and nature gives me hives (no seriously, I have some major allergies). When I'm seeking out self care it usually involves alcohol, sex, and some other vice that won't get me arrested. I started to picture my comments in the email chain or posts on FB or even the guest blog I might have done on Alexis blog and I giggled manically. Too say the least, all of my thoughts were inappropriate (self-love is in the title...I mean clearly).

I was so tickled by my imaginary scenarios that I almost dismissed participating at all, but I eventually gave it some thought. Although I've been extremely busy in the last few years with job changes and career additions I have found a constant form of self care for myself, writing. As most of you know, I use a pen name because having to explain 1) I don't write porn (if I did I wouldn't need two jobs), 2) sexuality should not be co-oped by men (women actually do enjoy it quite a bit...when done properly), and 3) Let me be great! With my alter ego I've made new and fabulous friends and participated in activities that have helped me grow personally and professionally. Most importantly, I've realized that each time I put my smexy ideas down on paper I'm participating in a form of self care. My imagination has always been an outlet for me, and even if some of the little stories I scribble may never leave the confines of my computer storage, I did something for the sole purpose of making ME happy.

Now, I don't know how active I'll be in this 30 day adventure of self-care (come on Alexis, only so much can be expected from one like myself) but instead of sighing when I think about it, I instead smile and know I'm doing my part.


Friday, September 13, 2013

Lucky Charms

Happy Friday the 13th!

There are some that may not view this day as one of great joy, but as I made my entrance into the world on one, I find each Friday the 13th as a cause for celebration. I've tried to keep the practice of providing you, my lovely audience, with a short little ditty that delves into the creepier aspect of this most glorious day. I'd even had a few little snippets ghosting around in the old noggin, waiting with anticipation to be released into the world. This story was going to be a precursor to October and all of the spooktaculor stories I have planned to release in honor of the most High Holy of days for me. Yep, I had it all worked out and than life happened instead.

Wednesday, Sig Other and I, had to put our two lovely little black cats to rest. Intellectually I knew 17 and 16 year old kitties could not live forever. Their little bodies could only take so much and over the last several years I'd "prepared" myself for their passing. Intellectually I'd prepped myself for this day, but emotionally I don't think I could have ever been prepared to lose two little creatures that had been with me the majority of my adult life.

Therefore, for this Friday the 13th I don't have it in me to coast that fine edge of thrill and terror. I have no story to tingle the spine. Instead, on this day when black cats are given a wide birth I embrace the memory of two of the luckiest charms I was very privileged to share my life with. I also wish for you on this day I have found to be so special, may you find such luck, love, and joy in your life.