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Shifting Desires

What if the girl ran from Prince Charming instead of into his arms? Diana Clemmings did just that when she ran from wolf-shifter Nico Sindri and the responsibilities of being his mate. After ten years of being exiled from her Pack and family, Diana wants her life back. Nico knows Diana is his mate, and the only running she’s going to do this time is to his bed. Can these two learn what Happily Ever After means, or will they skip straight to The End?

When Opposites First Attract

Opposites attracting is a common catch phrase used when two people come together to form an unlikely couple. What’s rarely seen is when those opposites first attract, except for now. Sophia Wallace and Riley Oliver are two shifter wolves convinced they have nothing in common, but the stress of a Pack wedding can form even the most unlikely alliances. Will Sophia and Riley make this a permanent union or will they chalk it up to a wedding one-night stand?

A Matter of Fate

Lailah Nar, an elemental witch of fire, is on a quest to find Light and Shadow, the grimoire of a once powerful sixteenth-century European witch. Sebastian De Winter, an elemental witch of ice, is on a quest to help Lailah discover the magic they can make together. When fire and ice collide in the library of Lauréa, Texas, will Lailah and Sebastian create something not seen in nature—or will their magic cancel each other out? (This is the 2nd addition)

The Next Level

Longtime friends Rian Tanaka and Emi Washington know they need to take their relationship to the next level, but for years they’ve let fear and doubt prevent them from obtaining happiness. When Rian receives an intervention from an unlikely source, will he be able to convince Emi they are ready to take the leap—or will they never quite get off the ground?

To Balance the Gray (Goddess Chosen Trilogy)

Devika "Dev" bellona has spent the past several years making sure that which goes bump in the night stays in the shadows of human existence. She is a killer with a purpose: to keep the gray of life balanced. That is, until three small children and a wolf shifter alpha find their way into her life. Now Dev has to figure out if she needs a new palette to work with…or will she fade away into the gray?

Goddess Chosen (Goddess Chosen Trilogy)

Security specialist Fae Patton and wolf shifter Garrick Conall have a problem—each other. Garrick’s the moody CEO of Conall Technologies and Fae’s his expert security specialist but she has decided that she isn’t going to jump every time Garrick barks out an order. 

Garrick knows Fae’s the best at what she does. While he has no complaints about her job performance, he does have complaints about t
he way she challenges him. Accustomed to butting heads with her, his frustration has built. After an accident reveals a secret Fae has kept hidden all her life that frustration flares into full-blown passion. Well on their way to their “happily ever after” they have to unravel a mystery that not only jeopardizes their future but the future of both humans and shifters.

Holiday Hookups

Do Touch

Maddie hates Christmas parties. The forced conversation about what so-and-so did throughout the year makes her teeth hurt. Time would be better spent looking through a book for a more pertinent historical fact. 

Tristan doesn’t know what to do to get Maddie to notice him. Assigned to help her research the history of his Pack, the sexy little historian has him thinking less about what’s b
etween her books and more about what’s between her legs.

When Tristan convinces Maddie to attend his Pack’s annual Christmas party, will it be a chance for them to write their own future or will they be remembered as just a Christmas past?

Office Politics
Tracy Collins is through with trying to prove herself to Quinn Donovan. Having resigned from her position as Vice President at Donovan Construction, the office holiday party is her last company function and getting through it as quickly as possible is her focus. Getting laid in the supply closet by Quinn was definitely not on the agenda.

Quinn keeps hitting a wall when it comes to Tracy. Now that she’s resigned from the company to work for his brother he really feels there is no winning. Needing to have one final conversation with her, he’s surprised to find himself deep inside her while her back is up against the wall.

Misunderstandings and hurt feelings have defined their past but with the season of giving underway will they take the chance to meet in the middle or will the New Year find them going their separate ways.

Press Play to Continue

Mistletoe may be deadly if you eat it but Cassidy Parker finds out just talking about it can be worse, particularly when it causes her to feel up Riku Makiyama at Middle Earth Gaming’s holiday party. She wanted to blame her inappropriate behavior on the shots of tequila she’d taken but she knew the super sexy programmer didn’t need a woman to use liquid courage to accost him. When Riku seeks her out to continue what they started will she take him up on his offer or will she pass up the chance? 

Time for You and Time for Me (Goddess Chosen Trilogy)

What does it mean to have the life you want? To wake up and live to your full potential and never question what has been put in your path. Leland Jacobs felt he had that life. He was part of the perfect Pack run by the perfect Alphas, neat and orderly—just the way he liked it. Then tragedy comes to call one day, and Leland finds his world turned upside down.

What does it mean to live your life by

 the dictates of others? To wake up and know that you have only reached a fraction of your potential and question what has been put in your path. Morgaine Emrys had that life, and she longed for the day when it would be over. Then a miracle comes to call one day, and Morgaine finds her world turned upside down.

Leland and Morgaine are two individuals traveling on different paths—until there is only one. Will they continue hand-in-hand…or will they decide that their journeys are best taken alone?

Suppose you were given the opportunity to live out your "what if" of life. If magic could give you the reality of a fantasy you'd always thought was out of your reach. Augusta Johnson has that chance when she asks Dáire, Sidhe Prince of the Unseelie Court, to turn back the hands of time and let her have one night with him. One night to explore what she'd been too afraid to grasp when it was offered the first time around. Dáire is more than happy to give Augusta her heart’s desire but she soon learns that when making bargains with the fae, one never knows just what kind of "what if" you'll get in the end.

Josephine “Jo” Puca is a rabble-rouser, and Dax Elver is as straitlaced as they come. When they are forced to revise the De Sint Foundation’s policy on what is naughty and nice, they can’t seem to find even ground. That is until they both let go and see being naughty can be quite nice.

Intimate Encounters: Books 1-6 Collection 
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Love Unfurled (Book 1 Intimate Encounters Series)

Love in its fullest bloom requires the time and trust of both partners. There is the little seedling waiting for care and attention. The very bud of the flower waiting to blossom, and finally, love at its fullest, fully unfurled—testament to all the time and energy that was put into it to help it grow. Yet, we mustn’t forget the sprinkling of passion that gives it color and vibrancy. So here is a look as love unfurls.

At That Hour (Book 2 Intimate Encounters Series)

Lauren knows that an invitation, once given, is hard to revoke, but passion untried can be even more detrimental. She has requested the attention of her dark fantasy lover, but will the reality be all she imagined or just a promise left unfulfilled?

Intimate Apparel (Book 3 Intimate Encounters Series)

What makes the things under a woman’s clothes sexy? Is it the frilly lace or the cut of the fabric, or maybe the color and the way it lays upon her skin? I think it’s the wearer, the woman who puts it on and takes it off every day with purpose and focus. I think it’s the viewer who gazes with appreciation and a glint of passion in his eyes. Most importantly, I think it’s the readers who place themselves in the role of the wearer and viewer and wonder if reality were fantasy, would they have just as much fun? Here is a collection of stories that explore just how “intimate” Intimate Apparel can be, so go ahead and take a peek. You know you want to.

Body of Work (Book 4 Intimate Encounters Series)

At the heart of some of the greatest fantasies is the ability to remake one’s self; carve out an image through imagination that is difficult to find in reality. What if fantasy and reality weren’t so different? What if the image born from imagination isn’t the one that needs to be the most desired and you could live in the space you are meant to inhabit? What if you could be loved for the person you have difficulty being? These are three stories that explore the fantasy of being loved for who you are and ask the question, why can’t it be real?

The Art of Love (Book 5 Intimate Encounters Series)

Body art is such an interesting thing. When done with thought and purpose, it tells the untold story of one’s innermost self. When done in haste and impulse, it is a regret that lives even while the ink fades. In the end it is a reflection of the intimate connection one has with his or her body. This collection of stories seeks to explore that intimate connection such adornment has, reflected in another person’s eyes.

Everything Carries Me Back to You (Book 6 Intimate Encounters Series)

Happily Ever After isn’t always a guaranteed thing. We take our Happily Now because Ever After just seems so far away. This book is a collection of those Nows, a prelude to a love story the characters don’t even know has been written for them, a love story that waits patiently for them to understand that Happily Maybe is never happily after all.

Fire & Ice

Haddiya Price woke with a premonition that she was going to have one of those days that turned her life upside down. She would gladly hide under the covers until the monster of a day passed, but life didn’t work that way. It came barreling in and snatched the covers from her head and kicked her out of bed. Her estranged husband Weiland Osbeorn was back in her life thrusting her into a tumultuous game of intrigue and mystery that centered around a crime her father said he hadn’t committed. As much as she hated being dragged back into her father’s web of lies and deceit, dealing with unresolved feelings for Weiland, and a whole host of complications that come along with one of those days, Hadi knew if she didn’t get a handle on the mess life had dropped in her lap, she might not have many more days to come.

Mocha Memoirs Press

I Heart Geeks

Diego Bautista is a geek. He isn’t ashamed of it and doesn’t try to hide it. Geekdom hasn’t been all it’s cracked up to be, and he wants someone to spark his routine life. Unfortunately, some women have a Geeks-Need-Not-Apply motto when it comes to dating. Ready and willing, Diego can’t seem to find that fun he’s been looking for. Billie Hendricks loves geeks. She isn’t ashamed of it and doesn’t try to hide it. She’s a rockabilly chick that sees the fun in life and can create it when it isn’t readily available. Focused on building her own business, she doesn’t have much time to share her particular brand of fun with someone special. On a business trip, the Geek and Geek Lover cross paths. Will they both get what they’ve been wishing for or will the equation of them together be too hard to solve, even for a geek?

Mila has come to terms with being the other in a world she once belonged to. The Agency had tried to make her a tool in their arsenal of control over the people they’d promised to protect, and she fled. Then Ravi, a man she’d committed to the secret parts of her memory, hope and happiness, tracks her down to take her back to that place she promised she’d never revisit
again. Now Mila has choices t
o make.

Ravi has been given the task of capturing Mila and returning her to the Agency to stand trial for the crimes she has committed. The best of the best, he doesn’t let emotion or feelings cloud his judgment. He has purpose, and that purpose guides him. Yet when he finds Mila, those feelings he’d thought he’d crushed find fertile ground in his doubts about her guilt. Seeing her awakens
the desire of a future together he’d once carried, and now he has choices to make, because taking her back doesn’t seem like the best option—if it’s possible at all.

It’s hard for me to pick a time in my life when I haven’t enjoyed the thrill of a good scare. The heady anticipation of the adrenaline rush, the heart beating faster, and the prickly feel of tiny hairs on the back of my neck standing on end.This “scare” is of course always controlled and contained. I don’t seek out fear just for the thrill of it but when I read a particularly scary story or watch 
an especially frightening movie, I am in love with how that narrative is causing my senses to go in overdrive. Fear can also have another face, one of longing, regret and precious moments lost but frozen in time. That type of fear is often the scariest for me to experience because the fantasy of what may hurt me is all too real. But of course I enjoy it just the same. This collection of shorts is inspired by the many facets of “fear” and housed within the context of one of my favorite holidays, Halloween.

Each day you have the opportunity to read a story that will hopefully have you checking under the bed each night, sleeping with at least one light on or shivering with relief that it isn't your story being told. My greatest wish for you is that by the 31st day of October, you too will revel in all things that go bump in the night and with anticipation waiting for next year’s delights.

Shara Azod

Pineapple Crush

Nia and Peter both have a crush on each other. They spend their days watching and their nights dreaming what they would do when the watching is over. When they get their chance to make those dreams a reality will they keep moving forward or crush the possibility of a future.

Charlotte Standford, vampire, and Eder Azrael, Vice officer for the Bureau of Supernatural Affairs, are at an impasse. Charlotte's first impression of him left a bad taste in her mouth and a dent in her wallet and his first impression of her was...well he was too much of a gentlemen most of the time to comment. When their paths cross at the BSA both Charlotte and Eder learn just how fun making a second impression can be.

When Stella Milton went on vacation she wanted warm sand, clear beaches, and fruity alcoholic beverages with little umbrellas. Now if said beverages were served by hot men sans shirt, oiled up and...well she just wanted the dream vacation. Unfortunately, her dream was currently a nightmare as she trekked through the Amazon Jungle avoiding wayward foliage, carnivorous spiders, and the very delectab
le Cisco Marquez. Cisco Marquez finally had Stella where he wanted her, by his side. Granted he had to trick and trap. well that sounded a bit illegal, entice and cajole her on a hike through the Amazon Jungle to do it. Now if he could get her to see a vacation is only as good as the people you get to spend it with, mainly him, everything would be perfect.

What makes a fantasy good? That you can place yourself in it, without restraint or concerns, play with the fire of temptation without the fear of being burned. Here is a fantasy with a kiss of fire and a touch of naughty, that burns as it soothes, and has you look into that deeper part of yourself and think, "This could be me" and smile.

Love eternal should have an interesting story to tell. There is the first meeting full of surprise and wonder, which may have been just a chance encounter, but leaves the hero and heroine craving another. The story should have intrigue and mystery, the ever present possibility that it could never be, but finds its way to the happy ending that we all want to see. This is love eternals story and it invites you to sit down and take a read.

The Hunger

Sometimes the typical Happily Ever After isn't what you're looking for. Sometimes you want it quick. You want it erotic. You want it dirty. Sometimes you. Want. It. Now. Sometimes, you want something to make you sWet.

Hungry. Mia's so hungry. Every moment that passes is a silent but deadly battle to leash her darker side, to resist the urge to return to her old life where all that mattered was the hunt; where she reveled in being the very definition of a predator. She's managed to succeed in locking her primal needs away. That is, until Galen finds her again. Now not only is her need to hunt being tested but so is her need to be him...

Looks can be oh so deceptive. Gemma Sanders could probably mentally calculate how many times she'd heard that, but what she couldn't tell a soul was how many times she'd actually listened. Because of her height, she'd always had the tendency of judging men shorter than her; questioning if they had the ability to handle her...needs. What she soon learns in the infamous club Munya is that big things often come in small packages.


Esme Sanders wore that very thing in every fiber of her being. She had sex down to a guaranteed science. Not fucking, not making love, but sex. A private matter to be handled in the missionary position, under the covers, with the lights out and a few slow puffs of air as a backdrop every now and again. So why exactly had she let her cousin drag her out into the den of iniquity that was the infamous sex club Munya? Why was she talking to some tall and burly, but extremely manly stranger? And why was she allowing him to put his mouth there... Oh yeah, now she remembered...


Falling Into Love
Camden Turner has his life right on track. He lives in a great town with a small business that keeps him in the black, doing what he loves. He's convinced he has everything he wants until he realizes he doesn't have what he really needs, Lexie Martin.

Lexie Martin has left the hustle and bustle of Bay Area California for the quiet simplicity of Falling Falls, Colorado. Her small business is often times more play than work and she couldn't be happier until she realizes, happiness is subjective until you have someone to spend it with.

Will Lexie and Camden realize that falling into love isn't as painful as it sounds or will they keep on their separate paths?


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