Saturday, December 11, 2010

Hello Stranger...

So I've been quite the busy bee since the last time I posted. I wrote a story in Mocha Memoir Press's Beauty and the Geek Series call "I Heart Geeks" . I have a story in Shara Azod's new Vamp series called "First Impressions" and I just finished three short Christmas stories that will be compiled into a book called Holiday Hookups to be released by Beautiful Trouble Publishing, which will be coming out pretty soon. I always have little stories swimming around in my head so who knows what will be coming out next;)

What has made an appearance lately are my sad little narratives. I've come to realize that I have this couple in a tragically beautiful relationship that want me to keep telling their story. I can't tell it in a traditional beginning to end fashion as the rest of the work I produce because even I have a limit to my emo tendencies. But I just can't seem to stop collecting these little moments of their relationship and tucking them away in my journal of sad things, of beautifully tragic things, and in some cases the scary stuff too. Sig Other told me the most beautiful quote by Ernest Hemingway the other day, "There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at your typewriter and bleed." That I feel best explains what these short little bits mean to me. I am capable of donating a pint or two but anything else might require a transfusion.

So for you I bring another snap shot of our lovers (I say our because in sharing them with you I can't claim them entirely for myself).



I run my lips across the soft slope of her hips, back up to her waist, and rest at the very base of her belly. Her skin is damp and as I blow upon it goosebumps pebble up to the surface from my actions. They remind me of how precious she is, how fragile. Held together by the promise of my love.

The slow strokes of her hand through my hair calms me. I didn't plan it but we find ourselves here again. Pressing my face closer to her I want to capture this moment, bottle it in a jar and keep it for posterity. Better yet, release it into the sea so another can bare witness to what must always be kept secret.

"What are you thinking?" She asks softly.

It's interesting she asks because we both know the answer to a question that is the riddle of us.

"Of you," I answer honestly, rubbing my cheek against her oh so softly delicate skin.

I love the softness of it and the smell that covers it that is so uniquely her until moments like these when it is me too.

"I'm thinking of you also."

I pretend to not catch the hitch in her voice nor feel the slight tugging as her fingers run through my hair. I have gotten good at that, we have gotten good at that.

Sighing I move from my position of warmth and safety until I'm balanced above her. Pressing my body into her's I watch her assess me. Her eyes asking what her lips dare not speak. Will you tell me the truth tonight? Will you tell me what I don't want to hear tonight?

I look back at her, lowering my head and kiss her softly, gently, and answer with actions because I do not have the courage to speak tonight. Maybe never.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Sad Stories...

I love my HEA as much as the next person but there are times when I just want to be sad. I want to cry over the unrequited love and sigh over the chances missed. I try not to indulge too much but some times I just can't help it. When those urges get the best of me I write these sad little narratives of lovers that are doomed for heart break.

Since I am incapable of working on the last story in this trilogy I've planned I thought I would just post one of my sad little narratives instead.


"Are you tired?" I whisper against her skin.
She pauses with that secret smile that holds the key to my heart upon her lips.
"No," she replies, nuzzling deeper into my embrace.
"Are you sure?" I ask but my question requires an answer I know I'm not ready to hear.
"Yes," she says, cupping my cheek and rubbing her thumb gently against my chin.
I pause with that secret smile that will break her heart upon my lips.
"Good. Come here so I can kiss you again."
And she does.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Sex scenes and Sig Other...

So I'm writing out a sex scene and really trying to push my boundaries. In the world of erotic romance I know that I'm a bit vanilla. I personally like to think that I'm french vanilla, that little extra bit of umph to make it not so bland. I talk about sex freely and I read sex in fiction but when I have to sit down and write it I freeze up. I think it's because I get all intellectual about it and want to make sure that I'm representing the female sexual experience properly. Or I start to obsess about whether a guy would have an internal monologue quite like that. Complete waste of time and energy but I got the obsessive gene like the over eater gene so I've come to live with it.

Well in a new story that I wrote (more information to come later...see I have no problem being a tease) I decided I was going to go BIG. Which I would like to point out is probably still french vanilla but a girl has to start some where.

Here's the set up
Main chica is so sexually frustrated that main dude won't give it to her that she masturbates in the shower thinking of him.

Like I said I'm not blazing any erotic literary trails but this is out there for me because I just went with. Now I've gotten it all typed out and I'm starting to obsess about whether it feels authentic and will readers relate to the masturbation and what temperature should the water be and oh what about her hair and do I need to describe the shower gel and can't you get a yeast infection if you masturbate with shower gel...

Just when I was going to spiral into the black hole of "thinking too much" I see Sig Other siting in the hallway outside our office putting a new shower caddy together.

Digression: he was out there because I'd started the process of assembly but the GENIUS manufacturers decided to label parts on the INSTRUCTIONS but not the damn PARTS. Needless to say the whole thing got abandoned before I chucked it out the window.

Anywhoo, I start to think "Ummm, I need an opinion and he's there." Now those of you that know me personally and know Sig Other you are probably laughing hysterically because Sig Other does not discuss sex conversationally. Particularly the hot sweaty steamy sort of sex I'm aspiring to write. But he was there and I needed an ear. So I read the meaty part of the scene (okay maybe a little pun intended) and ask him what he thinks. He pauses, he's big on pauses, asks me to read it again, pauses, and than says "I think you should say engorged clit instead of erect clit." It's what I wanted but damn was it funny.

I can't wait to see what he says if I ever get up enough courage to write a threesome;)


Saturday, November 13, 2010

I want to write but life keeps getting in the way...

So I have the story all written, in my head, and just need to get it out on paper. Sigh...but life keeps getting in my way. I am so distracted and feel as if each day little bits of the splendor I plan to write is slipping away. Even now as I try to rant about my inability to finish my story sig other and the cats are conspiring against me. For example little Cat is crawling on my chest as we speak and sig other is yapping in my ear about a dream he had with a Britta, his grandmother's house, and the HR lady at work. RIGHT IN MY EAR!!!

I need to go escape for a bit because this story needs to get told but life keeps getting in my way.

Friday, October 22, 2010

SURPRISE!!!! Goddess Chosen is Here....

Well the wait is over for all my adoring fans. The follow up for To Balance the Grey is now done and will be available tout suite. Here is the awesome cover and blurb for you to salivate over....


Security specialist Fae Patton and wolf shifter Garrick Conall have a problem—each other. Garrick’s the moody CEO of Conall Technologies and Fae’s his expert security specialist but she has decided that she isn’t going to jump every time Garrick barks out an order.

Garrick knows Fae’s the best at what she does. While he has no complaints about her job performance, he does have complaints about the way she challenges him. Accustomed to butting heads with her, his frustration has built. After an accident reveals a secret Fae has kept hidden all her life that frustration flares into full-blown passion. Well on their way to their “happily ever after” they have to unravel a mystery that not only jeopardizes their future but the future of both humans and shifters.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Paint me a poet...

So I'm sick and sitting back trying not to be miserable as I re-read some of my fav romances again when I was totally struck with this poem. I quickly wrote it down in my journal of random shit and remembered I now have an audience besides sig other to ideas with. Enjoy!!!!

I could kiss and kiss and kiss
Until there is no breath left in my body to kiss you some more
The way your lips move over mine
The taste of your tongue

I could kiss and kiss and kiss
Until kissing becomes the language of our love
The need and the want
The heart and the desires

I could kiss and kiss and kiss
Until kissing is burned so deep in my memory
For when I can no longer
Kiss and kiss and kiss you


Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Good news and more good news...

So my friend the illustrious Bree Archer has updated her website so you can see all of her goodies (okay it's not that kind of website, focus). Go check it out because she is awesome and we know how much we love awesome people.

In other good news I've finished the follow up book to To Balance the Gray and just have to finish doing some editing and send it off to the lovely ladies at Beautiful Trouble Publishing  If you haven't read the first one than you need to get on that ASAP.

I will keep you wonderful people posted as it unfolds and don't worry there is more to come.


Sunday, September 26, 2010

I would like to introduce Bree Archer....

So on this little adventure of mine I've been able to bring along a friend for the ride. Bree Archer is an awesome graphic artist that is about to leave her stamp on the world of cover art. Seeing as she has been a major fan of mine since the beginning I want to pay it forward and shout her out as much as possible.

I have included a link to her website where you can view her work and keep a look out for such an awesome designer.


Saturday, September 25, 2010

Wow, another story...

So I've been a busy bee since vacation and have another story for you. Short and sweet it is apart of Shara Azod's Flavors series (if you have not read Shara Azod for shame). I'm super excited to have been chosen to work with her (yeah that's right she picked me cause I'm special like that) and know this will be a great little treat as fall starts with a bang (LA is super hot right now).

Pineapple Crush
IR Erotic Contemporary

Nia and Peter both have a crush on each other. They spend their days watching and their nights dreaming what they would do when the watching is over. When they get their chance to make those dreams a reality will they keep moving forward or crush the possibility of a future.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Happy Days Are Here Again....

I have a treat for you my loyal followers...the cover of my upcoming book!!!
Edits have been done and the MS has been sent off to the publisher for some final touches. Okay I know you're excited but you're going to have to be patient. It will be here before you know it but until then have gander at the blurb.

I/R Paranormal

Devika "Dev" Bellona has spent the past several years making sure that which goes bump in the night stays in the shadows of human existence. She is a killer with a purpose; to keep the gray of life balanced. Until three small children and a wolf shifter Alpha come into her life. Now Dev has to figure out if she needs a new palette to work with or will she fade away into the gray.


Thursday, September 16, 2010

Greetings and new things.....

Hello My Lovelies,

I've been regrouping in the lovely weather of Hawaii but you all were not far from my mind (at least most of the time).  I have some good news for you though upon my return (because I'm nice like that).

1) I sent a new MS of to my publishers before I left for my excursion and it has been picked up and is getting ready for all you avid readers. The title is To Balance the Gray and it is the longest story I have penned to date. This story really focuses on is there something as black and white,  good and evil or does the world have to balance in this gray zone (hence my clever title). I'll have a blurb for you real soon but chew on this a little to wet your appetite for more information.

2) My story A Mater of Fate is now on All Romance Ebooks and I'm super duper excited about this. As you all should be perusing the Beautiful Trouble Publishing website regularly here is another site you can find my work.

I'll be checking in more regularly as the editing process progresses with my new story so don't be a stranger.


Friday, September 3, 2010

Hello, I'm back...did you miss me?

So the job that pays my bills actually had me working these last couple of weeks, no time for my creative outlet. I did do an interview for Novel Sisterhood on 9/1 go check it out.

As for writing I am in the process of working on something a little longer and a little darker so keep checking in for updates.


Sunday, August 22, 2010

I have a treat for wonderful public you

Here is my latest story that I hinted about in a previous post. Enjoy my lovelies!!!


The Next Level

Longtime friends Rian Tanaka and Emi Washington know they need to take their relationship to the next level, but for years they’ve let fear and doubt prevent them from obtaining happiness. When Rian receives an intervention from an unlikely source, will he be able to convince Emi they are ready to take the leap—or will they never quite get off the ground?

What to do, what to do...

So the sig other went camping this weekend and I had these grandiose ideas of wild partying and debauchery. I wasn't going to have to worry about all the disapproving rhetoric about not being single, we could save more money if I didn't drink as much, blah blah blah.

Here is an idea of just how wild and crazy I've gotten:

  • 6pm-8pm: Happy Hour with Fan Club Member
  • 8:30pm-10pm: Read some stuff, looked at my Facebook, and blah blah
  • 10pm: Asleep with the cats
  • Make plans to party into the night with platonic life mate
  • 4pm-6pm: Got off early so decided to clean before the night of revelry begins
  • 7pm-9pm: Started reading book two of Artemis Fowl series
  • 9pm: Platonic life mate calls and says it's a no go on recapturing our youth through a night of drunken cavorting
  • 9:30pm-11pm: Finish reading book two of Artemis Fowl series
  • 11pm: Asleep with the cats
  • Have to work in the morning but not letting it stop me from getting my groove on later
  • 1pm-5pm: Bonding time at the beach with Mom (fingers crossed I don't have to drown her and devise a plausible alibi for law enforcement)
  • 6pm-8pm: After a day at the beach (with Mom still alive and happy) start getting ready for a House Party at BFFs Families place. Super excited because this is where all the action is going to go down.
  • 9pm-12pm: Eat, eat, and eat some more with drinking thrown in to keep me hydrated. Super fun until I get super tired and have to cut the all nighter short.
  • 1pm: Asleep with the cats
Now it's Sunday and this is my last night to recapture the festivities of single dome. So the question is what to do, what to do?

Here is what I have done so far:
  • 9am: Awoken by the sound of my cell phone ringing. Pick up annoyed that some idiot would call me on a Sunday before 11am, but not surprised when it's my Mom. Forced to wake up because she is in a panic her comb is missing (at this point I'm regretting having that bonding day). Have to get up and look for her comb. Surprise, surprise not here.
  • 9:15am: Mom calls back (hysterical episode subsided) and informs me she found her comb
  • 9:30am-11am: Asleep with the cats
  • 11:30am-Now: Dithering around the house and surfing the net. Mom calls back at some point to ramble about her comb and sun block (random).
I feel this is all apart of the sig other's master plan since tricking me into this thing called matrimony. He is putting some type of agent in my food and water that makes me tired before the night has even started. I refuse to believe this has anything to do with me aging and not quite up to par with partying into the wee hours of the morning. So to prove the point I am going to call up my BFF, devise an elaborate plan that includes copious amounts of alcohol and plentiful eye candy.

So take that Mr. Sig Other and your tricky ways!

*Note: I'm actually quite bored and miss him. Hurry home!!!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Just Finished New Story...

Hello my adoring public,

I have just finished another story and baby makes four. I know, super crazy but in one of my insomnia cycles my creativity just flourishes;) I would tell you more but I'm the consummate tease which means you'll have to check in for updates, but here's a little something....not a paranormal story. Duh Duh Duhhhh!!!!


Monday, August 16, 2010

I have a surprise for you....

Well it seems the lovely ladies of Beautiful Trouble Publishing have released by ebook ahead of schedule, which means Hump day has come early (giggle, I told you I have adolescent boy humor). Go on over to and pick up a copy, my adoring public.


Sunday, August 15, 2010

Sunday Fun Day.....

Hello my adoring public, I have a treat for you on this Sunday Fun Day...a new ebook. Yay!!! This Wednesday my newest ebook will be released at I've included a blurb and cover to keep you happy, you insatiable lot you.

A Matter of Fate
I/R Paranormal
Lailah Nar, an elemental witch of fire, is on a quest to find Light and Shadow, the Grimoire of a once powerful Sixteenth Century European witch. Sebastian De Winter, an elemental witch of ice, is on a quest to help Lailah discover the magic they can make together. When fire and ice collide in the library of Lauréa, Texas will Lailah and Sebastian create something not seen in nature or will their magic cancel each other out.


Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Much Better Now....

After mentally composing the scathing letter I was going to write the city I ate and have since calmed down. I also got good news. My next story will be out sometime next week but I have the cover to preview for you all. I'll make sure to let you know the minute it gets released at (this is me being clever with promoting the website) but here's the blurb to get you all excited as you wait.

When Opposites First Attract
I/R Paranormal Romance
Opposites attracting is a common catch phrase used when two people come together to form an unlikely couple. What's rarely seen is when those opposites first attract, except now. Sophia Wallace and Riley Oliver are two shifter wolves convinced they have nothing in common, but the stress of a Pack wedding can form even the most unlikely alliances. Will Sophia and Riley make this a permanent union or will they chalk it up to a wedding one-night stand?

Time for A Rant.......

It is currently 7:49 PST in Los Angeles, CA and I could not get into my driveway. Why you ask? Well it seems a group of city employees are having a staff meeting in front of my house that requires them to close off half of my block. (I'm being sarcastic for those of you who don't know my personality yet) I get so hot over stuff like this because ever since I moved to my current location, low income "hoodish" area, shit like this happens all the time. They block off streets, turn off power and water, and "why" you ask because they don't give a flying fuck about the people in this community. I want to go all empowered woman on them and start yelling about tax money and having rights but the sig other is cooking to calm me down. I feel a letter coming on though because as I watch the 11 MEN standing and chit chatting by their trucks (that are running and wasting gas) and making more an hour than I do I am ready to shank someone. Whew....sugar level is dropping...I think I need a lie down.

Monday, August 9, 2010

My First Blog...

Hello World!!!

I'm trying not to gush because this is all so new and exciting for me. I was recently published by the lovely ladies of Beautiful Trouble Publishing and am trying to get on the bandwagon of promoting me and my stuff. You will find my first ebook, Shifting Desires when you click the link...I'm helpful like that. I have more on the way so don't get too sad when you only see the one.

Don't have much to say and have to go eat because being a published author makes me soooo hungry. I think it's the extra brain power I'm using.


P.S That's the cover of my first story...I'm helpful like that.