Saturday, February 23, 2013

Time on my hands...

Hola Beautifuls,

I've finished expanding parts on my WIP Fire and Ice and am letting it sit awhile to see if I'm really ready to let it go to edits. Therefore, I have a little time on my hands and no inclination to do anything with it. Well except pen excerpts from stories I have no intention of completing. But at least I share.



Untitled and unedited BUT copyrighted by Janet Eckford

His fingertips lazily trail along the curve of my arm, mapping the texture of my skin, and I resist the urge to giggle as the touch tickles ever so slightly. This is not the time for giggles of course and I remain still so those teasing fingertips of his can explore other contours of my frame.

"You are so soft."

His whispered words at the nap of my neck causes my skin to tingle with anticipation of the feel of his lips in the same location. I sigh softly and fit myself tighter in the spoon of our bodies pressed closely together. His hand seems to have become jealous of his wondering fingertips and splays itself across my bare hip, claiming more purchase of the skin it finds so intriguing.

"I love the feel of you."

He shifts as he whispers the words and I am struck with the thought of how I love the feel of him too, especially when he is fit snugly inside of me.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

P.S I Love You

Greetings lovers of the world.

Valentines Day is here and if you follow me through any of the varied social media accounts I'm attached to you know I'm usually quite meh about the day. After all my birthday is the day before and I find it hard to get excited about a day that centers around love when still experiencing the afterglow of being adored and worshipped. BUT I eventually play along and acknowledge the hearts and Cupid's arrows flittering about and decide to throw my hat in the ring.

As I type this I'm standing in an airport about to embark on one of the many trips I take for work, watching the people around me chit chat, sleep, or any number of the things travelers do while waiting to leave on their trip. Frankly there isn't much love in the air and my muse has risen up to the challenge, whispering a little interlude between lovers. I present it to you all with good wishes and blessings for love and happiness.


Unedited and untitled Valentine's Day Story

When I open the front door I'm greeted by a plume of smoke and a harried cat fleeing the confines of the house. The sound of classic rock streams out closely after the smoke and my lips hitch up in a tiny smile. I have had a hard day, that is just an extension of a harder week but the burnt aroma of food seems to lift the cloak of exhaustion that has settled upon my shoulders.

Stepping over the threshold I see the living room has been tidied and the hardwood floors are shiny. Someone has been busy and my heart warms at the effort that was taken to accomplish this. We are a busy couple that is always picking up and going to some part of the country or world for work and today I didn't expect it to be any different. Cards with red hearts and sappy poems are usually exchanged with dinner and wine. If we are in the same place there may be lovemaking but more often than not one or both of us are content with a peck on the cheek and warmly spooned bodies snuggled under the covers. It seems there are prices to be paid for professional success but we are confident in the unit that we have created and solider on with what needs to be done

As I walk further into the little house that has become our pride and joy, see the large bouquet of wild flowers and the candle arrangement sitting in the middle of our dinning room table, I realize that I've missed these little niceties and wonder why we have started cutting corners.

My love rushes out of the kitchen and halts abruptly once he sees me.

"You're home early."

The accusatory tone of his voice cause me to chuckle. I step forward and am immediately folded in his arms. He smells of the burnt remains of whatever he was trying to cook in the kitchen and it is the sexiest he has ever smelled to me.

"I had it all planned out," he sighs softly.

Rubbing the tip of my nose under his chin, I smile at how sweetly foolish this man is.

"It's perfect," I whisper before I kiss the underside of his jaw.

"That's because you love me," he chuckles.

"No, it's because you love me," I pull back and look into his eyes.

It seems tonight there will be more than a peck on the cheek and warmly spooned bodies.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Who's Hungry?

Hello Lovelies,

I've been a busy bee with the day job and feel as if I've had to neglect my alter ego and all the zany things I get into while being Janet Eckford. BUT because I'm a bit of an over achiever I still found time to write a very short short for Ms. Shara Azod and I know y'all (I've been spending time in the south) will enjoy it.

Check it out!


Sometimes the typical Happily Ever After isn't what you're looking for. Sometimes you want it quick. You want it erotic. You want it dirty. Sometimes you. Want. It. Now. Sometimes, you want something to make you sWet.

Hungry. Mia's so hungry. Every moment that passes is a silent but deadly battle to leash her darker side, to resist the urge to return to her old life where all that mattered was the hunt; where she reveled in being the very definition of a predator. She's managed to succeed in locking her primal needs away. That is, until Galen finds her again. Now not only is her need to hunt being tested but so is her need to be him...