Friday, February 11, 2011

Best Birthday Ever!!!

Hello My Lovelies,

With my Dirty 30 fast approaching (it's Sunday actually) I find that I really don't have the money or motivation to do something big. Sig Other started asking me back in December what I wanted to do and I'd thrown out some ideas that I just didn't have the energy to execute. I should back up and say that since December I've had the flu three times and various allergy flareups along the way. I decided to take an online class that seems to have sucked all of my time and work has been particularly busy with me doing stuff. I say stuff because I couldn't even tell you all that I've done because as soon as I'm finished with one thing it's time to take care of something else.

What I've found interesting is how anxious my friends are becoming each day I don't have something planned for my birthday. There's been a lot of blah, blah, blah about how important it is and what a milestone. Don't I want to do something? Sig Other is a bit disgusted with me because I told him I'd rather buy a Mac Book than have a party. Partner in Crime keeps saying I need to have something where my friends can come and celebrate me. With my general apathetic reaction to all these comments everyone has started to assume that I've slipped into a depression at the idea of entering a new decade of life. Frankly it's so far from the truth that trying to explain it just makes people believe it even more.

With all this hoopla over my birthday I started thinking of those that have passed and realized that I only have one memory of the Best Birthday Ever and that would be my seventh. Interesting because in the birthday milestones seven doesn't even get an honorable mention. But for me when I think of the birthday I will always carry it's that one.

When I woke up my parents and sister sang happy birthday to me. My birthday outfit was waiting for me on my bed after I came out of the bathroom. It was pink pants, a white shirt with cap sleeves and little red hearts on it, and pink slippers that looked like ballet shoes. The interesting thing about the outfit was I actually really disliked pink and was more of a purple girl but that day, that outfit was the best outfit ever.

After having breakfast my favorite female cousin came over and helped my parents get our backyard ready for the party and my grandmother petted and cooed over me as I waited for my friends. As my little friends filed in I was presented with yet another gift, my best friend from pre-school was there. She'd moved away before we started kindergarten but had recently moved back and our mother's had reconnected and there she was for my birthday.

There was playing and gifts and I had friends and family galore. Even as I describe it I can't pinpoint what made the day so great for me and watching the home videos it looks like any other kids party but it was the Best Birthday Ever!! So aside from nostalgic ramblings I'm curious my dearest readers, what was yours?



  1. Hi, Janet!

    My mom's birthday was yesterday, the 11th. Nice blog. Hey I say do what you feel is best for you. After all, it is your birthday.

    My best birthday was my Sweet 16. I had an awesome time with my friend's and family in my basement, LOL. My sister, and girl cousins fixed it up to look like a disco and we had a BLAST!

    Happy Birthday, Chica! Wishing you many more to come.



  2. Great post Janet!
    Birthdays are indeed a mixed blessing, lol.
    My best was a few years ago. Hubby surprised me with a trip to Vegas for our family. I knew I was going somewhere, just didn't know where 'til we got to the airport. He gave me hints about what to pack for myself and Lil Dude and told me to bring our passports. It was very cool. Warmer weather in January and first time to Vegas. Hooked on that city every since!
    Thanks for sharing and Happy Birthday lady!!!
    Aunt Toni

  3. Best birthday!!? I can honestly say I don't know...maybe my 21st. I'm taking a trip in July for my dirty 30 and I hope that's the best celebration part. I feel you for that buy a MacBook though. :)