Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Gabriel, you spoke to my soul...


I've done a couple of these reviews now and I'm sure you've all noticed that I can be quite cheeky and have a bit of an irreverent humor but this time...this time I got nothing. How do you describe someone speaking to your soul? Taking your fantasy and housing it in a reality that is so plausible that you can feel the warm sensation of bath water lapping against your skin. The touch of your lover and the rough texture of his fingertips trailing a path of fire down your spine. This isn't about girlish sighs of wonderment or the hard powered thrusts of lust, this is the connection one has with another human being that connects the dots of love, trust, respect, and integrity into the soft lilting lyrical prose of passion.

This was a siren song that both men and women, gay or straight, cannot but stop to listen to, and enjoy the haunting melody of words that take the reader to a place they may find familiar or eager to discover. I am speechless and moved by the simplistic beauty of your work Mr. Essex, and I thank you. You spoke to my soul indeed...okay and some other parts too, for which Sig Other will be internally grateful.

*Looking around*
What? I held it together for a really long time. I mean clearly, with a title like Coming Home and Mr. Essex's mastery of words, you should be grateful I was this adult in my review...*wink*


  1. Gorgeous review for a writer of wonderful skill.

  2. JUst so you all knwo i think mr g. e is gonna make a live reading. I will be by his side to protect my dibs and scope out potential possiblitlies of a mate for him. if you know some one who wants a man of good stock tell them to get on the list to be considered to the auction is 1.4 mil. this donation will go to funding mr. g.e.s class in how to be a fkin man minus my cut, just sayin

  3. COMING HOME was a sensual adventure in reading! From the opening lines to thes to the climatic ending I was caressed,worshiped,soothed,pleasured and satisfied by Mr.Essex words. To be able to put that much passion into words allowing readers to experience said passion is the sign of a superb writer!

    Keep it coming Gabriel E.!!