Sunday, September 30, 2012

Over many a quaint and curious volume of forgotten lore...

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Hello My Lovelies,

Sit down and let me spin you a tale (cue sound effects). As much as it pains me to see long summer days slip away (even though the heat seems here to stay) and the "holidays" looming off into a great distance bringing stress and time management extravaganza, there is a bright beacon of hope against the inevitable gloom of endless dark nights...HALLOWEEN!!! Sigh, I can't being to express how much I enjoy October just because of the holiest of all holy holidays falls in that month. This year sig other and I are going to bring back 31 days of horror movies and as always transform the yard into a graveyard (with a couple of new tombs created) AND best of all I finished a goal I set out for myself. 31 short stories that span the spectrum of what is scary. I'm super excited by this project because...well because I am. So snuggle down in the covers and pull your e-reader closer and enjoy the tingle of the tales I've spun for just might want to keep the lights on while you do it...muaaahhhhhhh (cue sound effects).....


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